My Nutritionist

My Response: Potato chips, they come from the ground. That’s cool?

Her Response:

2- No white food (all of your food should be colorful w/ deep dark tones. Sweet potato only.

3- Shop the perimeter if the grocery store (that’s where all the live things are, everything in the aisle is processed & dead)

4- If you must buy prepackaged food the ingredients list should only contain 5 things. Ex-Apple Juice(apples needs to be listed in the first 2 ingredients) ingredients are listed by percentage. If apples are the last thing in the ingredients, it has very little apple in the juice.

5- Stay within your calorie range

6- Exercise ( it doesn’t have to be intense)

* I can personally attest to the fact that exercise improves my mood.

7- Minimum of 64oz of water daily ( my Sickle Cell Warriors already know how important staying hydrated is)

8- Fresh is best. Frozen is fine. Canned is not encouraged.

9-Natural, low glycemic sweeteners only.

10- This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change. Reprogramming your mind and body takes time.

Y’all know I hate food prep & watching people work out ( you know the happy fitness people who never struggle) BUT I’ve chosen to share the lifestyle changes that are working for me because I firmly believe that SOME health issues can be eliminated with diet.

There is plenty of data connecting autoimmune disease with diet. Our food has changed & I think our bodies are responding to that change.

I hope this information was informative and helps you ease into treating your body good.

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