Glaucoma Sucks!

Glaucoma Sucks…but check out my lashes!

In the words of my eye doctor glaucoma can “without warning, steal your vision like a thief in the night and once that happens there is nothing I can do to bring It back”. That was the speech he gave me after I went two days (Saturday & Sunday) without one of my four prescribed medications. I didn’t want to disturb the on-call physician on a weekend and I figured missing two days wouldn’t hurt because I had the other three eye drops. Girl, was I wrong! In just two days my ocular pressure had risen to dangerous levels.

Messy drops that sting and threaten my flawless makeup, Ugh! Glaucoma sucks but if four different medications, 2-3 times a day is what it takes to maintain healthy eye pressure, so be it. To help me stay on track my pharmacists calls me when it’s time for a prescription refill and he offers free delivery.  I set three separate alarms in my cell phone to remind me when it’s time for my eye drops. I take this time to have my personal groove session and relax.  Currently, the first alarm of the day plays Beyoncé’s “Flawless”, it really sets the tone for the day. My midday selection is yet another Queen B anthem, “Run the World” (Girls), no explanation required.  And finally, Ariana Grande with “Be Alright”.

One of the benefits of the medication is longer, lusher eyelashes. That’s right I wake up FLAWLESS! These babies are so long that at my last brow appointment my esthetician had to give my lashes a trim. Some women pay thousands of dollars a year and spend countless hours on maintaining false eyelashes. Like your brows, eye lashes really enhance your natural beauté. Whether you rock your natural lashes or extensions it is essential that you keep your lashes clean. My favorite cleanser is Neutrogena’s Fresh Foaming Cleanse  it removes the toughest waterproof makeup without excessive rubbing or irritation to my sensitive eyes. To tame these beauties here are my top three mascara picks!

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