A Life of Yes!

Every year I make the same ole boring new year resolutions. Exercise, drink 100 gallons of water a day AND blah blah blah!  Not this year, this year I am inspired by a book written by Shonda Rhimes entitled Year of Yes. OK, to be honest, I haven’t finished the book yet but the title speaks to me and the way I intend to live the rest of my life. I want to live a life of YES!

Since the day my doctor warned me that there is a possibility that I can go completely blind I have been paralyzed with fear. This fear had me stuck in a safe space of familiar people, places and things.  I have been tip toeing around hoping and praying that he is wrong. This year I embark on a life of Yes! I will no longer sit around waiting to see what happens. I will live my life unrestricted and unafraid.

I had always been a very organized planner, largely because I don’t like surprises nor do I enjoy change.  I don’t make plans anymore, I make lists. The lists serve as a reminder of all the things I love to do and stopped and the things I want to try. There’s a long list of places I want to go as well as a few places I don’t. I’m not so excited about finishing orientation and mobility training. Just thinking about having to learn how to use a white cane makes me break out in a sweat. And don’t even mention braille or I might just bust out in tears and ruin this flawless makeup application.  I am excited about getting my guide dog, planning my first trip to Paris and someday teaching low vision makeup classes.

If nothing else vision loss has taught me that there is no day but today. So, from now on the answer will be Yes! Especially if it scares me.

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