Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

Bringing in the new year I wanted to be intentional about my thoughts.

I wanted to focus on one thing and for me the most important thing was my mindset. I know my thoughts affect how I feel and my body responds to these thoughts.

First, I did a internal inventory and I asked myself “who are you”?

My name is Shónese (a member of the Shawnee people) Kamál( Arabic origin whose English translation is Perfection). My mother knew from day one that she had a beauté on her hands.

Oddly enough growing up I didn’t feel perfect. I noticed that I was different from all the other kids very early. The baby girl that barely weighed 5lbs at birth was the biggest kid in kindergarten. Unfortunately, the cocktail of antibiotics, iron, steroids and a host of other drugs used to treat the symptoms of sickle cell disease took a toll on my young body. In fact, kindergarten was the first time I remember being called fat. I could tell from the way the little boy said the word “fat” that this fat thing couldn’t be good.

My astrological sign is Aries, which is represented by the Ram. Have you ever seen a Ram fight? They head butt their opponents at speeds ranging but not limited to 35 miles an hour. Their skull has two layrwes that protect their brain. My obstacles don’t stand a chance!

Yes, I’m a fearless, head strong fighter, that’s me!

Fight! Is what I kept telling myself when I was trying desperately to open my eyes after being unconscious for more than 25 minutes after being in a near fatal car accident three years ago.

Fight! Is what I kept telling myself while in the rehabilitation center learning how to walk again and regain use of my right side. This was especially challenging having monocular vision. Everything from the floor tile, paint on the walls and equipment in hospital seemed to be monochromatic which made rehab challenging.

Fight! Is what I tell myself EVERY single morning that I wake up in pain so that I can get out of bed and start my day.

Fight! Is what I tell myself when negative thoughts about my body, my future & self worth creep into my head.

Thinking about how far the little girl in that picture has come I decided that going into 2019 I wanted a visual reminder of exactly who the fuck I am!

I contacted my jeweler and commissioned two unique pieces. One sterling silver rams head bracelet. A visual representation of how strong I am. If you look closely at my baby pic I’m wearing two similar bracelets and you can see the new one on my wrist. The other bracelet that I am wearing is a copper/silver mixed charm bracelet with jade and rose quartz. I chose these elements for their healing properties. They both came out beautéfully and I am grateful for the knowledge, vision and artistry of Anu Rock Metal.

There was one more thing that I needed. I wanted to go into the new year seeing myself as G-d and my mother saw me, PERFECT!

I found @natybynature on Instagram, an amazing artist named Natalia. I asked her to create a design that incorporated my middle name Kamál. I chose my hand to display her beautéful art which incorporated my name because I wanted the world to know what perfection looks like and I also wanted/needed a daily reminder.

It is no coincidence that it took my mother two weeks A.B. (after my birth), to find a name befitting such a beauté and perfection is what she came up with.

Whether I’m doing my makeup with blurry monocular vision or simply walking with my cane or walker, I know that I am perfect!

Although I may be in pain or require assistance with daily tasks I am still strong!

Despite any “difference” you may notice about me or regardless of my disABILITIES, I am clear and confident about my purpose and place in this world.

Happy New Year Beauties!


Shónese Kamál

The H.B.I.C (Head Beauté In Charge)

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