My Nutritionist

My Response: Potato chips, they come from the ground. That’s cool? Her Response: 2- No white food (all of your food should be colorful w/ deep dark tones. Sweet potato only. 3- Shop the perimeter if the grocery store (that’s where all the live things are, everything in the aisle is processed & dead) 4- …

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Glaucoma Sucks!

Glaucoma Sucks…but check out my lashes! In the words of my eye doctor glaucoma can “without warning, steal your vision like a thief in the night and once that happens there is nothing I can do to bring It back”. That was the speech he gave me after I went two days (Saturday & Sunday) …

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A Life of Yes!

Every year I make the same ole boring new year resolutions. Exercise, drink 100 gallons of water a day AND blah blah blah!  Not this year, this year I am inspired by a book written by Shonda Rhimes entitled Year of Yes. OK, to be honest, I haven’t finished the book yet but the title …

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